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About Piverdiere

Since 1967, our training center’ vocation is providing job training for adults in the florist and visual marketers industry.

Thanks to our venue of transmission of artistic, commercial and educational knowhow, Piverdiere is a transaction point of experiences between interns and professionals coming from all over the world with various professional projects.

Our trainers are always trying to extend their creativity and to follow design and floral trends. That is how they contribute in our interns ‘success.

Each one of the trainings includes internships in companies which enables you to experience total immersion in the workplace.

Our trainees learn best practices thanks to a suitable place for creativity and our invested educational team.

Active and personalized pedagogy

  • Limited number of interns in each group
  • Personalized follow-up
  • Attentive trainers
  • Practical work
  • Internships in companies


Floristry occupations

Where to practice florist occupations?

  • In shops or workshops
  • In franchises boutique
  • In supermarkets in the flower department
  • In specialized stores (funeral directors, garden centre…)
  • In local authorities (town halls, prefectures…)
  • On markets

Qualities to be a florist?

  • Artistic sense
  • Creative
  • Careful
  • Focused
  • Organized
  • Available
  • Independent
  • Human contact
  • Be a good manager
  • Capacity to adapt
  • Good physical shape

One project, different formations

Becoming florist

  • Career Path
    To obtain florist’s professional skills
  • CAP Florist’s Path
    To get ready for the CAP Florist (Degree level V)


To assert yourself as a florist

  • Improvement path
    To gain in autonomy and develop its skills in creative research
  • Manager store path
    To obtain necessary skills to manage a flower shop
  • Qualified BP path
    To get ready for the BP florist degree (Degree level IV)



CNPH and Piverdiere are two historic training centres created in the 60’s.

CNPH – Piverdiere: The union between two historical centres

In September 2015, Piverdiere and CNPH have combined their talent and know-how to deploy their training programmes in the plant area.

In October 2017, those two historical centres are entering in “La Ménitré” (at the heart of the Loire Valley) while keeping their identity, various areas of activity and specialities:

  • CNPH: horticultural production formations, agricultural technology, organic farming.
  • Piverdiere: commercial formations, florist, dresser (marchandiseur)


In a privileged area

This 4 hectares site in a green sitting is located in the Loire-Anjou-Touraine Regional natural park.

Educational means available

Educational use

  • “Life size” exploitation
  • Educational greenhouses 2000m²
  • Collection over 2000 plants
  • Cultivation area for organic gardening
  • One-hectare nursery open soil and soilless


Farm equipment and accessories

  • 2 tractors, trailers
  • Towed machines
  • Potting machine, tray forming
  • Climatic computer
  • Mechanical workshop


Resource centre

  • Over 1500 works
  • Specialized journals
  • 10 computer stations
  • Self-training tools


Multimedia room

  • 24 computers
  • 10 computers available for independent interns for their researches


Floral art workshop

  • 2 workshops to put in practice
  • Climate chamber
  • Containers and accessories reserve


Staging workshop: dresser

  • Showcases
  • Flexible spaces
  • Drawing and model workshop


Educational shop

  • Containers, plants, foliage
  • Dispenser packaging
  • Other decoration accessories


The CACES (safe driving aptitude certificate) platform: self-propelled trolley

  • Platform approved for the passage of CACES number 1, 3 and 5 from R389
  • 3 electric self-propelled trolleys


Living environment


« La Ménitré » is a commune of the department “Le maine-et-Loire” attached to the region “Pays de la Loire”. This commune is midway between Angers and Saumur, on the touristic road of the banks of the Loire.

Angers’ identity card

  • Angers is the principal town of “Maine-et-Loire”, department of the region “Pays de la Loire”
  • Is France’s 17th largest city with 270 000 inhabitants, 38000 students included
  • Is located 300km from Paris (1h24 train ride away) and 90km from Nantes (35mn away)
  • Is an industrial metropolis (with over 6000 companies) with a well-known business centre


Saumur’s identity card

  • Famous for its Calvary School, castle and specials wines.
  • Is Angers’ 3rd largest commune with 27 500 inhabitants
  • Located in the heart of the Loire-Anjou-Touraine’s national regional park

Move Around in the Maine et Loire

Coming to Ménitré

By train

  • Line 19 Nantes – Angers – Saumur
    Menitré commune has a gare SNCF with lots of stops that give you the possibility to quickly reach Nantes, Angers, Saumur and Tours.
    More information: Call TER at 0 810 324 324 (price of a local call) from Monday to Friday from 7am to 7pm or visit


By bus

  • Line 4 Angers – Saumur
    You can reach the Menitré thanks to line 4 Angers – Saumur of Anjou Bus’s network. Anjou bus is set up by the Maine-et-Loire departmental council.
    More information: Call Anjou Bus at 02 41 81 49 49 or visit


By car

  • Angers-Saumur axis through the Loire : Follow D952 road
  • Angers-Saumur axis through lands: Follow D347 road
  • Angers-Saumur through highway (Take the A11 motorway, then the A85 direction Saumur-Tours. Take Exit 11 direction Beaufort-En-Vallée. Finally follow road D144 and D7)


Carpool in Maine-et-Loire

« Covoiturage49 » is dedicated to Maine-et-loire’s carpool but also to other cities around.
More information: Visit

Coming to CNPH – Piverdiere

  • From the train station to CNPH – Piverdiere
    Follow the Street “Rue du Roi René” for 1,6km (around 15/20mn walk)
    CNPH – Piverdiere is located at the end of the village, on your left.
  • From the bus stop to CNPH – Piverdiere
    Follow the street “Rue du Roi René” for 950m (10/12mn walk)
    CNPH – Piverdiere is located at the end of the village, on your left.


Where to live?

In « La Ménitré »

Proximity accommodation “Résidence Orchidée”

The “Residence Orchidée” which is situated just next to CNPH and Piverdiere, offers 38 furnished studios (kitchenette, bed, desk, storage) and a lot of convenient services (laundry, parking, internet).

These residences are managed by Maine-Et-Loire Habitat and are strictly reserved for CNPH-Piverdiere’s trainees and apprentices.

If you would like one of those accommodation, simply fill out an application for accommodation file and send it to us as soon as possible.

  • For more information, please contact:
    Nathalie MESSAGER:


In Angers

  • FJT : The Foyer des Jeunes Travailleurs
  • FJT Marguerite d’Anjou (5mn away from Angers’ train station)
Phone Number:


In Saumur

  • FJT : The Foyer des Jeunes Travailleurs
    Habitat Jeunes du Saumurois (10mn away from Saumur’s train station)
Phone Number: 02 41 51 05 53


Other addresses

CNPH and Piverdiere can refer you to individuals who are renting rooms. Do not hesitate to ask when you apply.

Useful information

Administrative information

Health insurance

As you are an overseas vocational trainee, you must ask for basic universal health cover to the Sickness Insurance Primary Fund or simply subscribe to a private insurance in France.

Home insurance

Insure your accommodation is an obligation in France. You must insure yourself against certain types of risks, fire or water damage. You can apply for it to a private insurance.

Liability insurance

This insurance is mandatory and most of time it is offered with the home insurance.

Motor Vehicle Insurance is compulsory as well (car, motor scooter…)

To ask a temporary residence card, you must have:

  • 3 photos, a copy of your birth certificate, a housing certificate
  • A certificate of registration to CNPH/Piverdiere
  • An evidence of your resources (at least 615€ per month):
    • Bank statement of regular bank transfers or sufficient credit balance. If your resources are provided by others, you must give a sworn statement of payments that will allow you to reach 615€ per month
    • Scholarship attestation from the paying agency from your country saying the amount and time of your scholarship
    • Proof of scholarship or proof of participation in a European program, if you are eligible for one of this device
    • Proof of social protection
    • Copy of your passport and visa
    • A French Office of Immigration and Integration (OFII) certificate



The issue of the first student resident card is not free. You must pay a tax and a stamp duty (79€ per fiscal stamps). Proof of tax and fee stamps is required when the card is delivered.

Validity period

The card is valid for one year, renewable and delivered by the prefecture of Maine-Et-Loire.
(Opening hours: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday from 9h15 to 16h15 and Thursday from 9h15 to 16h15).

Bank account

To open a bank account, you must provide:

  • A passport (visa) or an identity card
  • An attestation of accommodation
  • A certificate of registration to CNPH/Piverdiere



  • 650€ per month is a minimum to live, eat and move around.
  • 250€ per month (all charges included) for a studio at “Residence Orchidée”.